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But when he's not, he's designing.

Grown and nourished by 100% Southern Californian sunshine; my life, schooling, and career have always been surrounded by avocados and happy cows. So when you ask me why I identify with Batman, I can't really give you a good answer. Maybe the melodrama.

I began in the Wild West of the mobile development industry, hammering out fresh designs littered with my artsy-fartsy flare.  It was a gratifying experience, wearing many different hats and propelling my creative energy to new heights. The sheer volume of opportunities ripened my portfolio and paved a golden path towards my childhood dream.


At Blizzard Entertainment, my challenges were the complete opposite of my time at the startup. My tasks revolved around constant communication with stakeholders and users, drafing prototypes, and working hand-in-hand with top notch developers. I make it sound lame, but it has been challenging and brought to me a whole new perspective on consumer insight. The future looks bright for UX (see right).


Think this origin story is good enough for a graphic novel? Hm. Well the editor didn't think so either. But maybe you might find something that catches your eye, so take a peek around and don't be shy. Beware! I come with a mildly unhealthy obsession with Batman, a feverish desire to design things, and night owl habits. Or night bat I guess. Whatever.


Chris is, indeed, the Batman.

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